We seek to provide the best value in class within the respective micro-markets for each of our properties. We focus on safety, comfort and value for our residents. We are adamant about timely responses to service and repair issues and we promote a sense of community within our properties. We continually improve each property, so that it remains attractive to our client base and so it will show at its best at the time of refinancing or sale.

By improving and maintaining the quality and livability of our properties so that we’re at the top of our class, while keeping rents within market ranges, we typically enjoy occupancy rates at the top of our markets and we build quality rent rolls over time, with lower than average turnover and delinquency. We seek to balance ongoing re-investment in our properties with providing quarterly cash flow to our investors. By keeping our assets in good condition, we help assure the sustainability of the cash flows and optimize the longer-term appreciation potential.

We take pride in every property we own and welcome opportunities to tour our properties with our investors and prospective investors.